Universal Saddles

Quick and economical, PIPECONX Universal Saddles are the perfect solutions for connecting to sewer main pipes. The flexible, durable PVC saddle combined with the hardened PVC saddle shield forms a tight seal. Stainless steel clamps secure the saddle unit to pipe diameters that range from six through fifteen inches. Once installed, they are leak-proof, chemical-resistant and impervious to roots. They are also unaffected by soil conditions.

NOTE: Flexible Saddle must be installed in combination with shield. Slip bands are included with all saddles and allow for quick installation and tightening.

PCX Saddle T

Sales # Size
PCX4T 4” Inlet x 6” — 12” Pipe
PCX6T 6” Inlet x 8” — 15” Pipe

PCX Saddle Y

Sales # Size
PCX4Y 4” Inlet x 6” — 12” Pipe
PCX6Y 6” Inlet x 8” — 15” Pipe

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