Terms & Conditions

Final Contract

The terms and conditions as stated herein constitute the entire agreement of sale and purchase of product acknowledged herein. No modification thereof shall be affected by our receipt or acknowledgment of a purchase order containing additional or different terms and conditions.

Shortage Claims

Shortage claims of any type shall be made within ten (10) days immediately subsequent to receipt of product covered by this agreement.

Duty & Taxes

All duty, taxes or other charges imposed by any governmental authority shall be paid by the customer.

Payment Terms

2% sixty (60) days from date of invoice. Net sixty-one (61) days.

Return Policy

All returns must be preceded by authorization of PIPECONX. Returns will not be allowed after ninety (90) days from date of invoice. Freight must be prepaid on all returned shipments.

Warranty Policy

All product furnished hereunder is warranted to meet standard industry quality for such product. Product proven to be defective after written notification of alleged defect shall be replaced at no cost to customer. PIPECONX shall not be liable for any expense or removal, reinstallation or other consequential damages arising from any defective product. In no event shall PIPECONX be responsible in damages for any amount in excess of the purchase price of the product sold to the customer herewith. PIPECONX shall not be subject to direct or indirect liability for any damages resulting from improper installation or use of the product sold herewith. From time to time identification and specifications are subject to change. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL PIPECONX BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM ANY CAUSE, AND PIPECONX’S LIABILITY SHALL BE STRICTLY LIMITED AS STATED HEREIN.